Lauren Carter's latest track "Chase the High" is incredibly cinematic

Lauren Carter's latest track came out nearly a year ago, but since then it's gone on to generate the most amount of plays the singer-songwriter has got to date, and there's a lot of reasons why.

The track opens with a rather cinematic tone laced with layers of synths before it parts way to keys and a spaced-out drum pattern with plenty of snares. Her vocals here caress the track as it goes forwards and it sounds like Lauren has written it to be a soaring pop anthem, especially when the bridge comes in, it suddenly becomes almost ethereal.

Speaking about "Chase The High" Lauren sats - "the track about the dopamine addiction and frustration of swiping on dating apps (also instagram culture and life behind our screens in general) but touches on substance abuse."

With plenty of 90's pop elements, this new offering is certainly going to shape Lauren's future songs, as we all know, it's arguably her best track to date - and here's to many more like it.