Minus Alive reveal soaring comeback single "Amen To The Storytellers"

Southmapton based trio Minus Alive have recently revealed their soaring comeback single "Amen To The Storytellers". The band is comprised of Ollie Butler, Robin Small, and Max Bakker who have been releasing music since 2018. 

They're a well-known act on the South Coast of England having performed at some of the best venues the region has, such as The Heartbreakers and The Joiners.

The trio has enjoyed success on their airwaves too, with BBC Introducing Solent premiering this new cut when it dropped in January, showcasing that even though the band has not been releasing music since 2019 there's still an appetite for their work. 

"Amen To The Storytellers" is a wonderful comeback single, it's heavy, uplifting, and gives you a trill from the get-go.

Speaking about the track the band says - "The track is a message of solidarity for the creative community and is a testament of what can be achieved in the face of adversity."

From what I can tell by the band like to write out and out rock tunes that sound like they've been written to be moshed to, crowd-surfed to, and to generally go mad to in a large crowd. On the new track Minus Alive didn't hang about here with the rush and thrill of "Amen To The Storytellers", it's fast-paced from the outset and sets up how the rest of the cut sounds like.

The chorus of the song is so uplifting, very Mallory Knox with their soaring guitars and vocal melodies, how three lads have made such a huge sound is a big praise to the trio as it honestly sounds like there are two more musicians in the band.

"Amen To The Storytellers" is the first piece of new music from the trio since their 2019 EP "Maybe This All Just Ends...", and thankfully it didn't end and we have this anthemic new cut from the Southampton based act. With the news of this new track is also news that the trio is due to be releasing more music throughout 2021, so stay tuned for more if you love what you hear!