Overpass release thrilling new single "Otherside of Midnight"

One of Birmingham's newest bands, Overpass, has today released their thrilling new single "Otherside of Midnight". The new cut is the follow-up to their well-received debut single "One Night Lover".

It's just over 200 seconds of thrilling indie-rock, this will be band you'll be checking back in with on a regular basis. 

When you first play "Otherside of Midnight" you may be forgiven that it'll be an acoustic affair, but once the soaring guitars come in you've now got a rather upbeat cut. 

Speaking about the track the band say - " ... "Otherside of Midnight" encapsulates the struggle of wanting to help someone help themselves, whilst ultimately lacking that power. It’s about asking someone to take the hand that’s being offered to them, knowing that you can’t make someone feel better, but you can try to show them that you’re there. Despite the darker theme, the message is a positive one: that when you’re feeling down, you have people there who care enough to try to help. We hoped to capture the relief that can come with letting go of a false sense of control over life, and instead embracing the possibilities with a new perspective. There is an ‘other’ side to the darkness of midnight."

The vocals are distinctive with the vocalist not hiding behind a fake accent, sounding rather Brummie which is a testament to the band as they're not trying to hide behind a facade. When it hit's the chorus there are delicious sounds too, with those soaring guitars once again coming back and a vibrant backing track made up of cascading drum patterns, thick bass, and some synth sounds for good measure

Towards the end the band takes it to 11 with the track heading towards a darker direction, but if anything this is just a tease of what the quartet is capable of.

With praise from BBC Introducing and a smattering of zines slipping in their debut single to their playlists they're gradually heading to hyped-up levels. With two bangers out now the sky is the limit for the Birmingham based band.