Pochenski return with soaring track "No Answers"

After releasing their amazing debut track "How Long" back at the tail end of 2020, the rising Manchester band Pochenski has returned in a big way with their soaring and atmospheric new single "No Answers".

Since we last checked in with the band they have had lots of love given to them by the online world, and who can blame them. They had an astounding debut cut and the follow-up is even better, who would've thought. 
Pochenski are doing everything to ensure their name is going to be synonymous with atmospheric indie-rock, they're two for two with their singles so far, and by the sounds of it are here to stay and capture your hearts (and ears) for years to come.

This band just love to pen an atmospheric, soaring, and anthemic track, from the start of "No Answers" you hear smooth basslines, crisp and dreamy guitars - you're hooked. The vocals enter and once again you're taken away by Pochenski into a dreamland.

It's a real diamond in the rough in a sense, the band is only two tracks into their career, but what they've released so far is nothing short of breathtaking. The chorus steps up the cut even more, with it sounding like the perfect blend of Foals' soft guitar tones, soaring Nothing But Thieves tracks, and the dreamy side of JAWS.

You NEED to follow this band, they're surely going to be the next big band from Manchester, mark my words.