Rattlesnake share home-hitting new single "Crushed (Get a Job)"

Up and coming Coventry-based quintet Rattlesnake has shared their latest single "Crushed (Get a Job)", the single is the third the band has dropped since they started releasing music last year.

The intro to the song is rather a retro feel to it, with a news announcer speaking over delicate guitar strings, but as soon as that is starting to finish the track bursts out into the sunshine.

The grunge-ready vocals are wrapped up in multiple layers of soaring guitar tones, crashing drum symbols, and driving bass. It sounds like the band has been listening to a lot of Punk-Pop as there's a lot of angst behind the lyrics.

Around the two-minute mark, I'd like to highlight the guitar effects that reminded us of Bloc Party's "Hunting for Witches". What the band has done here is create a track that other musicians (and everyone else for that matter) can really relate to. 

Speaking about the song the band says - "This song is about that conversation that every musician has with their parents about "getting a real job". It's a song for all those who feel pressure to do something respected, all those who are being forced to change profession by the pandemic, and all those who want to do what they love, and feel like they're being pushed away from it."