Sages of the Subway share soaring new single "Lights Go Down"

Cambridge based Sages of the Subway have recently released their new single "Lights Go Down", the single is the quartet's fifth since 2017 and acts as a tease of what's to come.
It's a delicate indie track with some pop sensibilities, reminding us of The Maccabees and Mystery Jets in places, especially with those high guitar tones.

The drive behind the song is fantastic with the drum patterns giving the track extra oomph, add in Dean's vocals and what you've got is a fantastic track with plenty of sun-kissed melodies and atmosphere.

It's no wonder they've found their tunes in several decent playlists, such as our own and ThisFeelingHQ's. The quartet has also had an immense presence on the local scene with Cambridge 105 having them at #1 spot for several weeks and being shortlisted for an award at the NMG Awards - which is an organisation that champions music in and around Cambridge.  

Having been inspired by the likes of The Killers, U2, Sam Fender, Embrace and The Horrors it's no wonder how they got their sonic sound, and so refined too. With a big local presence pre-covid it sounds like the band are not slowing down, so once it's all back to 'normal' do go and head out to catch them performing live.