Skymachine drop anthemic new single "Tangier"

London's Skymachine has dropped their anthemic new cut "Tangier", the new track is their first release since their 2020 single "All The Time", and is well worth the wait.

The band sounds like they're influenced by the best acts of the 1980's such as Tears for Fears, INXS, and even some Simple Minds too.
It's atmospheric electro-pop at its finest.

"Tangier" sounds like it would fit perfectly in on a Forza Horizon or FIFA game soundtrack, as they're both well known for getting some incredibly atmospheric electronic music on board, and yes this track is up there with the very best in electronic music.

If you'd want to compare how vibrant and infectious their music is, you can put them in the same room as CHVRCHES, St. Lucia, and Strange Talk. 

"Tangier" is so cinematic that when you hear it you have to give it multiple plays as it's so damn huge. From the shimmering guitar lines to the haunting backing vocals heading into the latter third of the track - they have it all.

I urge everyone to go and check this out, and once you're done head to their Spotify page to sink your teeth into some electro-pop music at its finest.