Sleep Walking Animals release mesmerising debut single "Aengus’ Fool"

Manchester-based Sleep Walking Animals have recently released their debut single "Aengus’ Fool". The band opens their debut single with a rather different approach versus the majority of acts, with just vocals upon vocals, sounding like what a 21st-century barbershop quartet might sound like if they had a folk background.

Their vocals on this track really shine on their talent, as all of the vocal stems complement one another. When you add in the acoustic guitar there suddenly becomes even more atmosphere and grips you, ensuring you stay to the very end of the song.

As it carries on the single develops with some haunting (almost choir sounding) vocals, once again adding to the overall track and making it sound even bigger. What this Manchester-based band has done is craft a truly mesmerising and almost poetic track, and for their debut single this is beyond words.

The last time we got hyped over a Manchester-based band with vocals like this they went onto be massive, Everything Everything was that band and these five chaps can easily follow in their footsteps.