Tess Posner shares anthemic new pop cut, "Something Told Me"

Tess Posner has revealed her stunning new single, "Something Told Me", and the single is the first song from the songstress in 2021. The song follows on from a very successful 2020 campaign, one that saw her soar over the one million stream mark on Spotify.

"Something Told Me" sounds like it can be a viral sensation on TikTok, the basslines, the drum patterns and her vocals are just so addictive.

The new cut was recorded in San Francisco and produced by GEKKO and is an evolution of her sound, once again showcasing her prowess as a songwriter and vocalist, the almost haunting vocals are a testament to how she projects her voice and really helps solidify how captivating they are.

It's a bouncy track that I can see getting viral very quickly, maybe it'll be down the piano keys, trumpet, or the incredibly catchy drum beat. But, what I do know for certain is that Tess Posner is no stranger when it comes to writing tunes that'll get you grooving, as seen with her 2020 single "Party at the End of the World".

San Francisco is widely known as a hub for pop music, and it sounds like Tess is looking to be the next artist that'll be synonymous with the scene.  With love from Yahoo! News, being playlisted by some very big Spotify playlists and countless regional press it seems that Tess is the next rising pop star in California.