The Vigilance Committee drop their rushing new single "Reflections III"

Based out of New York state The Vigilance Committee have dropped their rushing standalone new single "Reflections III". The new single is just short of five minutes but gives you enough fast-paced drum fills, and guitar riffs to last you for the rest of the day.

The quartet kicks the track off with some out and out post-punk revival sorta sounding guitar tones before they switch it up a notch and turn up the bpms. The vocals here are rather soothing and gives the listener a chance to listen to the music, rather than over-powering it in the mix.

What The Vigilance Committee has made here is a thrilling rock track that straddles a few sub-genres, from the angular guitar tones to the almost math-rock style drumming to the pop-punk vocals found just before the midway point of the track.

If you love your fast-paced rock anthems that aren't over in a flash then The Vigilance Committee's new single is for you.