Thrillhouse unveil sugary new single "Flawed Design"

Brighton based Thrillhouse have recently unveiled their shimmering new single "Flawed Design". 

Coming in at dead on four minutes there's not a second during the track where it's not filled by sugary goodness, from the smooth basslines, to the vocalist's yelping vocals and even the glistening synths wallowing in the background.

There really is no empty space in this track where you could think of improving it, especially around the halfway mark you have glistening droplets of guitar tones, fuzzy synths, and a driving drum sequence that keeps you listening on for longer. 
Brighton is well known for being a hub for the alternative, from their politics, equality, nightlife, and their music. If Thrillhouse make more cuts as amazing and as infectious as this be sure to hear them on the airwaves and music festivals in the not too distant future.