Wotts share synth laden track "97 Oakleys"

Canadian duo Wotts have recently shared their new track "97 Oakleys", and the synth-laden new cut acts as their first release of 2021.

Right from the outset, there's a sprinkle of the band's glistening synths, it doesn't hang about long until they get right into the proceedings. The hazy vocals come in and wrap it all up in a shimmering beauty, and the more the track goes on it develops more into a cut that sounds like it'll sound right in place in the 1980's nightclub scene.

It's got a lot of pace behind it, a sprinkling of some ticking guitars buried in the background, but they do come more prominent at the halfway mark giving the track a vibe comparable to that of New Order. 

(tongue-twister incoming) What Wotts have made here is something that has massive nods to an era that was a gamechanger, and the way they're going about it they're going to be at the forefront of the 80's revival. If you love the soaring track as much as we do head to Spotify for more goodness.