Axis Neptune unveils video for his dreamy track, "Cherry Red"

Axis Neptune has recently unveiled the video for the smooth track, "Cherry Red", which is lifted off of his debut album "Reasons". It sits in at just over three minutes but is filled with plenty of smooth hooks, a fitting way to get into an artist.
"Cherry Red" is perfectly balanced between dream-pop and soothing jazz-rock.

"Cherry Red" from the outset is perfect with hazy vocals mixed in, add on top some quality electronic noises, smooth synths, crisp drumbeats and you've got a track that can rival what Jungle makes. Which is a fair comparison as both artists have been influenced by Jazz music.

The video itself is filtered to be equally as smooth as the track with a warm pink hue and blue tone being seen throughout the video. The track sounds like it's perfectly balanced between dreamy indie-pop and soothing jazz-rock - especially when you listen closely you can hear those almost organ-sounding keys mixed in with the sexy bassline.