Chay Snowdon share adrenaline filled new track "Loud Shirts"

Plymouth quartet Chay Snowdown have recently dropped their rushing new cut "Loud Shirts". 
One thing is clear from the start of the track, it's going to be a whirlwind of an outing as you're treated to tumbling drums and rushing guitars right from the first few seconds.

The vocals remind me of Jack White crossed with Royal Blood's Mike Kerr. The band has been going since way back in 2016 but only recently they have been showcasing their true talent, especially with this cut. It's a track that stays in your head for hours after it's finished down to the commanding vocals and rhythm section.

The track is lifted off of their debut EP which is out now on Spotify, and if you've got the time be sure to check out "Loud Shirts" and crank it up while you play it!