Daragh Wearen reveals "Ordinary, Loud And Cheery" lifted from his new EP

Irish singer-songwriter Daragh Wearen has revealed the first single - "Ordinary, Loud And Cheery" - lifted from his new EP, which is his sixth ever single to be released.

The singer-songwriter is also a producer and has recently moved from his hometown of Dublin to settle in Oslo, Norway - possibly to help him even more with creating very textured and sonic sounding music.
Daragh Wearen's music is a gentle blend of Irish guitar-driven sensibilities and Scandinavian pop hooks. 

With over 40k streams on Spotify since he's been releasing music, it sounds like every track is an evolution of his sound, culminating in what we hear today. The wonderful guitar-driven intro a rather more delicate verse, with his strong and commanding vocals leading the way.

Daragh's vocals remind a bit of  Danny McNamara from Embrace, a subtle hint of vulnerability mixed in with emotive vocal hooks. There's a smattering of psychedelic elements within the new track, some Tame Impala sounding synths go on to take the track into a hazy version of itself around the midway mark. 

Daragh is one of those artists that love to do it all alone, and after you've heard "Ordinary, Loud And Cheery" you wish that more artists do the same. This wasn't a complete solo affair as he enlisted help from Petter Solvik Dahle (Bass), Ingvald Andre Vassbø (Drums), and was mastered by Sondre Christoffersen.