DUDE, MY DUDE drop their debut single, "Loser "

One of London's new band's DUDE, MY DUDE have today dropped their eagerly awaited debut single, "Loser ". The duo formed back in late 2019 and consist of Benjamin Lyth and Matthieu Thinpont, who both share a love of indie-rock and Dr. Pepper.

"Loser" was two years in the waiting but now it's here we don't wanna stop playing it. 

The song in fact was born in a Dr. Pepper fulled session back in 2019 where the two of them recorded a rough version of the tune via their iPhone - which is how a lot of great music these days is initially recorded. 

Speaking about the single the band says - "The song recounts the classic events that accompany a walk home after a night out: losing your phone, your friends, and lamenting your situation as you eat a cold portion of cheesy chips."

With the whole pandemic slowing things down last year the band now are finally in a position to release their debut single, a whole two years since they formed and came up with "Loser". But, as far as I'm concerned this is worth the wait.

It's got plenty of indie-rock sensibilities with enough skater rock vibes to give it that extra edge. The duel vocals really shine out on "Loser" and with the tone of the jangly and angular guitar tones paving the way "Loser" really feels like it's a band about to burst onto the scene.