Emma Dark drops new cut "Be Still"

Hailing from Los Angeles Emma Dark has dropped her new cut "Be Still", with this new single being the second-ever release from the artist. 

It's a delightfully long dark-rock track with elements from various genres scattered throughout, from the almost grunge-like intro to the pop-punk rhythm guitars and the crashing indie-rock drum patterns.
With a variety of sounds of different sub-genres of rock floating about there is something here for anyone who likes guitar-based music, and with her ethereal vocals laced on top even the casual listener will enjoy "Be Still".

What Emma Dark has done here is create a blend of the familiar and crafted it into her own bespoke sound, a sound that doesn't alienate the listener. Speaking about the track Emma says - "[The track is] about feeling trapped while needing to remain calm".

The singer-songwriter's music and sound are inspired by her favorite children’s poem, "The Spider and the Fly" and during the pandemic, Emma set up a portable recording booth designed by her dad after being inspired to lay down some music of her own. It was in the living room of all places and came out of the session was her debut single "Dinner Time". The second song - this single - sounds like a dark and almost grungey affair from the start.

With just two songs under the belt so far Emma Dark is an act I'm sure you'll be keeping an eye on, any new artist with some angst and oomph behind them these days ends up being amazing. So go and follow her on the socials to keep in the loop.