Esports Player shares dreamy debut single "Self-Care"

Nottinghamshire local Esports Player has recently shared his dreamy debut single "Self-Care", which was recorded in the first UK National Lockdown back in 2020.

The new single shimmers and shines throughout with airy synths laced on top of delicate keys and Jack's hazy vocals, with subtle nods to the 1980s and even Tame Impala with the approach to instrumentation.

The track was produced by Merseyside's Sugar House and is a fantastic glimpse of what Esports Player can really do. With plenty of jangly guitars added to the cut too, there is a lot for the singer-songwriter to write home about, it's one of those infectious debut tracks that'll have you coming back.

So be sure to head on to Spotify to check this track out in full, and while you're there be sure to follow him on the other socials too.