Hårek drops his dark electro-pop cut, "Lost"

Norweigan Hårek has recently shared his second-ever track, "Lost", which follows on from his debut cut "Miserable Together".

Hårek has found his music finds its way into some very sizeable playlists since the release of his debut effort, and by the sounds of it, we will be hearing a lot more from this dark-pop artist.

The track has plenty of electronic hooks layered on top of each other, add in some crisp drum patterns, snares and keys and what we have is something that sounds so damn dark. With his vocals adding into the mood we've got one heck of a gloomy atmosphere, no wonder he's having a lot of his monthly listeners coming back for more.

Speaking about his new project Hårek mentions - "I am extremely committed to my music and I am releasing a new single every month for 12 months now.  Take 3 minutes to listen, that's all I'm asking for."

With some solid production, interesting electronic elements, and commanding vocals I'm sure if you like this then you too will be pining for more from one of Norway's rising electronic stars.