Low Island drop yet another banger, "Who's Having The Greatest Time?"

Los Island is quite possibly the find of 2021, with the Spotify and YouTube algorithms pushing them onto me every day - no complaints here!

The Oxford quartet are steadily rising and their debut album is just around the corner, but before we delve into what could easily be the album of the year, the band have dropped another tune, "Who's Having The Greatest Time?", which you can watch the video for below.

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter in this instance Jamie Jay explains the lyrical meaning - " ... "Who’s Having The Greatest Time?" is about the negative performative nature of Instagram, an environment which is constantly telling you that everyone only wants to see strength and victories, but seeing either of these makes us consistently depressed and insecure. The song is from the point of view of someone challenging a friend about how they both have come to use the platform. They then toy with the tempting and liberating idea of leaving the whole thing behind for good."