Sam Way returns with new single "Can't Wait To Meet You"

Sam Way has returned with his new single "Can't Wait To Meet You", which is the second of the year (so far). The new cut carries on from his previous work with Sam's vocals getting even more emotional and captivating release by release. 

The simplistic drum patterns only enhance the majesty of his voice and warm guitar tones, it really sounds like this is going to be a staple track in his setlists (once that sort of stuff starts again).

Speaking about the new release Sam mentions - "I wrote a song dedicated to the life of the child me. It's been a roller coaster of emotions thinking I'm going to be a dad soon and this song pretty much captures something pure and very real."

The song is a perfect tune for anyone who's expecting, like Sam and his partner. His voice caresses the track from the start to the finish and brings you in from being a casual listener to a fan almost instantly. If you want an even more heart-on-your-sleeve version of the song do check out his 'Stripped Mix' of the song, both are available in our playlist to listen to.