Sheps drops dark new single "Hurricane"

London based singer-songwriter/producer Sheps has released the follow-up track to his debut single "THNK ABT U" - which subsequently has got well over 30k plays on Spotify. The new track is titled "Hurricane", as as the name suggests it's a whirlwind full of mesmerising hooks.

Dark-Pop infused with melodic vocals, this has viral written all over it.

The cinematic start to the track grips you, and as soon as his vocals come in you're won over, stand still, it's done, no arguments basically. With those damn beautiful vocals leading you towards the chorus the track builds up more and more, before exploding into the synth-heavy chorus.

The song is very dark in places with elements that sound like they nod towards Au/Ra's work, the Grimes sounding backing synths and combines it all with his soaring vocals and you're left with a track you'll find yourself falling in love with.

Speaking about the new single Sheps mentions - "I think we’ve all been in a situation where somebody has been dishonest and misled us from the truth. I wrote ‘Hurricane’ as a form of cathartic expression, more specifically when you’re struggling to make a rational decision as your thoughts are clouded by overbearing emotions."

Remember here that he writes, sings, and produces everything on his own, so hats off to him, and if he keeps the quality of his music as great as this then be sure to keep a close eye on him.