Superbloom release new single "Paper & Stone"

Hailing from London, the duo of Superbloom have today released their brand new single "Paper & Stone". It's the duo's third single since they started releasing music back in 2020 and from the sound of it, it'll be their biggest track to date.

Plenty of 90's grunge elements here with a sprinkling of glistening indie-rock guitar tones.

Comprised of Robert James and Sam Lidington the duo create alt-rock tracks with plenty of indie-rock guitar hooks to entice you in.

From the outset of the song, it is atmospheric with those aforementioned indie-sounding guitars grabbing you, once the tune drops it gets a tad heavier and reminds us a bit of Mallory Knox before their main vocalist left.

There's plenty of driving forces behind it including some cinematic elements with a tasty bassline that helps to get your feet stomping. The chorus has soaring guitars in abundance here and is a staple of the band's songwriting - as heard in their previous two singles. 

All in all, it's a great track to welcome you into the world and sounds of Superbloom, if you love this then do be sure to head to their socials and stream their music!