Thrillhouse return with funky new cut "Where The Roads Don't Go"

Brighton duo Thrillhouse returns with yet another funky offering, this time in the shape of "Where The Roads Don't Go". This track is a part of the duo's attempt at writing and releasing a song every month for a year, two months into them starting this endeavor and they're going strong! 

If you're a fan of APRE, LCD Soundsystem, and Everything Everything then this is going to be right up your street.

From the outset, the track is rather simple yet glistening, with the vocals wrapped up with shimmering synth lines and sparkles of drum beats. It evolves into an infectiously funky cut once it gets up to speed, with the guitar and basslines helping to push the track forwards.

Some delightfully hazy vocals are heard throughout the track which gives subtle nods to the 1980s, however with some modern pop sensibilities. "Where The Roads Don't Go" is one of those tracks that you fall in love with from the first listen, sp hurry up and check out the track before it's hitting millions of plays!