Twin Stranger returns with "Early Dreamer"

With a rather solid year in 2020 Twin Stranger returns with his fantastic new cut, "Early Dreamer". The new single is his first (and hopefully first of many) of 2021 and once again showcases the talent Alex beholds.

The song is set in the same tone as the three that came before it and as the opening few bars suggests, it has a slightly chilled out vibe. But not for too long as the warm guitar tones once again wrap themselves over the crisp instrumentation.

If you listen closely you can hear what sounds like organs (either that or some synths amped up) helping to give the new single more body. When you enter the second half of the tune you're already consigned to enjoying it and you're treated to a rather spacey moment with wavey guitars taken right out of a Tame Impala song.

Twin Stranger has once again made a track we adore from the first listen, so why not head on down below and listen to it too!