Warren Thomas Fenzi releases new single "If I Had a Dime"

Warren Thomas Fenzi today releases his amazing new single "If I Had a Dime". The new cut acts as the first taste of what's to come from the singer-songwriter's double album, "Garden Street".

The lovely organ-sounding keys played against the drum beats might have you thinking that'll be a quirky track. However, once the synth fades away you've got delightful guitar tones that come in to warm you up.

It's a warming indie-rock track with some quirky elements that keep you on your toes.

Warren's vocals on here too are equally as warm as the aforementioned guitar tones, sounding hazy enough that they could easily fit onto a surf-pop track, especially when it's combined with the high tones before the choruses come in.

Those synthy keys make a return before the track is out and with it being something that you don't hear every day you're left with a long-lasting impression.

With praise from online outlets as well as playlists it looks like the new album is going to be one to keep an eye on, it's not every day someone releases a double album! If the album is a reflection of what this track it then it can quite easily be one of the best double-albums of the year - something to keep your ears tunes in on!