Wax Works releases anthemic new single "will you remember me?"

Wax Works have today released his anthemic new alt-pop single "will you remember me?", which is the follow-up to his debut release "sleeping in the dark".

The Leeds-based act has only been releasing music since the start of the year (under the Wax Works name) but has already generated quite the hype, and when you listen to this vibrant new track you will definitely be able to hear why.

It's vibrant, anthemic, and full of oomph, we're just in love with "will you remember me?"

Right from the outset "will you remember me?" is very upbeat, especially considering that the intro to the song is short and sweet with Adam (Wax Works) not hanging about for a second, delving into his sound like a sprinter out of the blocks.

Speaking about the new single Wax Works mentions - " he lyrics discuss anxieties within relationships, and fear of losing those closest to you"

The percussion throughout the track helps to keep it in that vibrant setting, especially with the bouncy guitar tones giving it an anthemic taste to the track. His vocals are perfectly balanced with the track here with them mixed perfectly in that you'll be able to sing-a-long to them after the first listen.

If you love Alfie Templeman and guitar-based alt-pop cuts then Wax Works is the next artist you need to be listening to. His tracks so far are all vibrant, anthemic, and full of oomph. So be sure to follow him on the socials and give the track a spin or ten!