CHVRCHES debuts video for "He Said She Said"

CHVRCHES have not too long about debuted the video for their latest pop hit, "He Said She Said", with this being the first new track the trio have written (and released) since Covid took a grip of the world.

On the song, CHVRCHES frontwoman Mayberry says: "Like everyone, I’ve had a lot of time to think and reflect over the past year; to examine experiences I had previously glossed over or deeply buried. I feel like I have spent a lot of my life (personally and professionally) performing the uncomfortable balancing act that is expected of women and it gets more confusing and exhausting the older I get. Be successful but only in the way we want you to be. Speak up for yourself but not so loudly that you steal men’s thunder. Be attractive but only for the benefit of men, and certainly don’t be vain. Strive to be The Hot Sad Girl but don’t actually be sad in a way that’s inconvenient for anyone. Be smart but not smart enough to ask for more than what you’re being given."