Divisions track "Out Of All Proportion" is all sorts of anthemic

London base Divisions has recently released his self-titled album and one of the stand-out tracks is "Out Of All Proportion", which is just all sorts of anthemic. The single also acts as the second single from their album, and once listening to it I know you'll be checking out the entire LP.

With love from Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing (amongst others), it's no surprise that the band decided to release this single as a teaser. 

The track (as I mentioned before) is simply put as anthemic, it's laced with guitars upon guitars at the beginning, helping to give you a strong flavour of what's to come. The vocals are as strong as carbon fibre, ensuring that there's a strong foundation for the rest of the track.

As "Out Of All Proportion" evolves there becomes lighter tones and eventually erupts into a climax that leaves you pining for more - well lucky us as they have an entire album out on Spotify! What they've done is create a huge track, full of emotion that captivates you more and more as you listen. So head on down and do yourself a favour!