Evan Blair reveals long awaited new single "Survive Myself"

Tronto's next rising artist Evan Blair has revealed his soaring new single "Survive Myself". The new single is his fifth to be released and with Evan, the music is an ever-evolving sound. The vocal tones that kick off the track sound like The Strokes' Julian Casablancas, with the guitars also soundlike like the NYC-based band.

With influences such as Weezer, Arctic Monkeys, and the aforementioned The Strokes, there really is no wonder that if you grew up with the 00's indie scene then you'll just love this from the first play. I know I did.

Speaking about "Survive Myself", Evan mentions - "This song is about the time in my life before I got sober. It's very personal and feels like a really important release for me, cathartically. I wanted to make a song about something heavy that was fun to listen to and didn't paint a grim picture. Now that I'm 3.5 years sober I can sing and write about these topics freely. That being said, this song can be for anyone who isn't treating themselves as well as they could. I think we all do that sometimes."

The new cut is his first in three years, however, that's down to him producing and writing music for acts such as dreamers, Bryce Vine, and Gnash. The song has a real drive behind it, and when you consider all of the previous points then you'll realise why it took Evan so long to drop this new tune, but let's be honest, it was worth the wait wasn't it!