fi shares debut single "Worthless"

Sophia (or as she goes by in her musical career, fi) is a singer-songwriter who currently resides in Birmingham in the heart of the UK, and from the outset, you're won over by her vocals, which is something we all love with a debut single.

It's a tender affair with an almost bare canvas for her to lay down her vocals on, as you can hear in the first minute or so it's just acoustic guitar, those delicate vocals, a slight crackling of a record player buried in there as well as some atmospheric synth lines helping to push the track forwards.

Once the single becomes more alive in the second half we have some simplistic but powerful drum patterns and more synths, however this time around a bit towards the dark-pop side of things. What fi has done with her debut effort is create something that you'll be heading back to time and again, this track would be perfect in a playlist consisting of Beabadoobee, Phoebe Bridgers, and James Blake.

Speaking about the track, the Birmingham based artist mentions - " ... ""Worthless" came into existence during a time of uncomfortable change and unsettling truths. Inspired by a love that, in the end, was a damaging affair for the artist, made up of secrets, lies, and manipulations. While lyrically, it would seem like your average love song, both melodically and through the use of discordant soundscapes and prosodic features, worthless creates a dark, delicate, and captivating sound that resonates with the listener in a unique way."