future.exboyfriend drops dreamy new tune "Fool"

Bursting out of Salt Lake City in the good old US of A we have future.exboyfriend, and today is the day the singer-songwriter has dropped his dreamy new tune "Fool". Yes, it's no coincidence that he has released it today of all days - April Fools Day to you who don't know.

Tyler, aka future.exboyfriend, is one of those rare breeds, a singer-songwriter who records, mixes, and masters everything all in his basement studio - basically, an artist that has total control over what they want to create, true artistic freedom.

That's what the world needs, more musicians not to be restricted by label bosses, rather ones who are free to express themselves. The result? "Fool".

"Fool" is a glistening sugary bedroom-pop track with plenty of wavey elements, from the guitar hooks that are wrapped up with some thick like treacle basslines, his vocals sit so perfectly with the entire cut. There is no wonder that one of his major influences is Tame Impala, yet another act who is a complete and utter solo artist, even the vocals sound much like Kevin Parkers.

With two singles already released via the amazing Maison Kitsuné there is a future here that's pretty much laid out for him, so come and enjoy the tunes before everyone is talking about future.exboyfriend.