Get lost in TAMS/N OTWAY's deep cut "You"

Melbourne artist TAMS/N OTWAY has been on a roll so far this year with her releases, and what kicked it all off was the deep electro-cut "You".

The track sounds like a blend between Radiohead b-side at the beginning mixed with the atmospheric vocals that Lana Del Rey has, lovely and moody too. As the track develops more layers are added, with some chiming synth pads and more distortion on the vocals which only elevates it.

"You" comes into its own in the second half, especially in the latter third where it becomes even more, the tempo kicks up a bit and becomes a track you can see getting remixed into a floor-filler, especially with the drum kicks and layers of vocals just begging to be at a higher bpm. 

The track is a clear indication of TAMS/N OTWAY's talent, and with two more tracks released since this came out, you can't complain that you have to wait for more, she's an exciting artist we're going to be keeping an eye on!