Kele Okereke releases new piano-led track "Nineveh"

Kele Okereke has recently released a new piano-led track "Nineveh", which is the third track to be released from his forthcoming album "The Waves pt.1"

Speaking about the new track Kele mentions - "With all the time spent at home last year I spent a lot of time thinking about the people that are no longer in my life, people that I have left behind. This song is an ode to that idea - the realisation that, however hard it is, sometimes you have to move on.  Although there is much written about the sadness of relationships ending (be they romantic or platonic relationships), there can be something quite empowering about saying ‘enough is enough’ and drawing a line in the sand. I wanted to try and express that somehow in the music. There is an undoubtable sadness in the first half of 'Nineveh' but that sadness is turned into pure exhilaration in the second half of the song, like a proverbial weight being lifted from one's neck. It ends in a place of optimism."