La Palma share swirling new track "Forsythia"

Today is a day when usually people fool about and make jokes, while that is normally the proceedings in the first 12 hours of the day, today sees the release of something much more serious. With the release of  La Palma's debut album, "Moonflower", the band is one of the best rising acts to come out of Washington DC in recent years as far as my ears are concerned.

La Palma's debut album has a rather shimmering track titled "Forsythia" as the centerpiece, it captures the whole vibe of the record in one track and really projects to the world what the band sounds like. The band is comprised just of two people, making their music sound even bigger as when you'll hear the track you swear there should be at least five musicians in the outfit. 

Speaking about the record the band mention "The new LP, "Moonflower," was recorded over the last two years, and captures the sentiments and sounds of this surreal period of time as we experienced it."

You're welcomed into the cut with warm synths and a sprinkle of keys, the warm vocals are then wrapped up in it all and you're left with a dreamy bedroom-pop cut with plenty of psychedelic sounds whirling away.

You will hear as the track progresses it evolves with time, towards the latter third of the piece you hear the track get a bit lighter, rather than the murky dark vibes you hear at the start. But what stays with you after the track finishes is a stunning long-lasting impression. La Palma has created a track to really be proud of, and if you loved this then do be sure to check out the rest of the record.