Latchy reveals infectious new single "Foreign Local"

Rising Australian multi-instrumentalist Latchy has recently released his infectious new single, "Foreign Local". Since hitting the live circuit the artist has played internationally, with shows ranging from Hong Kong, Europe, and his native land in Australia.

The new cut is pure Latchy with the anthemic track featuring everything by himself, the vocal melodies, the handclaps, and samples are all his own.

He is a true musician who has created something that sounds unrivaled, the thick bass with the synths reminds me a lot of Metronomy and with his vocals giving a huge Chet Faker vibe, maybe it's the Australian water giving everyone great vocals, I dunno, but we're totally digging it.

The whole vibe of the song is perfect for a long drive at night-time, plenty of dark hooks lace the track and with the infectious electronic elements dotted all over it you'll be sure to be revisiting this track a lot more than you initially thought, trust me.