LIVSKA releases dreamy debut single "Patience"

Melbourne's LIVSKA has recently released her dreamy debut single, "Patience", and if you're a fan of The XX or Cigarettes After Sex then this pop-driven track is for you.

Right from the get-go, we have a grunge-style guitar riff with some of LIVSKA's dreamy vocals laced on top. Add in some skitty drum patterns and thick synthetic basslines and you have a dark-pop track laden with dreamy nods all over it. 

The track was first written back in late 2019 and has taken on a more relatable vibe due to COVID-19 affecting everyone in the world, and this track really does sound like a track you can get lost into - especially with the lyrics and airy voices soothing your ears.

Speaking about the track the artist mentions - " ... Patience details the difficulty in longing for someone you can’t have and battling that temptation to give in to them. They say time heals everything so, all you can do is be patient."

For a debut offering LIVSKA has blown us away, we're eager to check out more - so be sure to follow her socials, like we have to stay tuned!