Matias Malagardis returns with his delicate new single "Awake"

Madrid's Matias Malagardis returns with his delicate new single "Awake", which is his second release of 2021 following on from the slick tune "On and On".

If you're a fan of Ben Howard's second album then you'll be easily drawn into the world of Matias Malagardis as the sounds are so comparable, it's as if they're the same person but grew up in different countries.

At the start of the track, we've got his vocals caressing the equally gentle guitar tones, before the bass and tight drum patterns come in and we've got a really chilled-out track that any popular songwriter would be proud to call their own.

The tune was released earlier this week and is backed up with an equally slick video that sees Natias blindfolded singing along to the single and has Miriam Rodríguez performing some smooth moves and helping to create even more of a mood.

Speaking about the new single Matias says - " ... "Awake" is my new single, which talks about waking up to a newly discovered aspect of love."