Oli Barton & The Movement return with pop-laden new track "Martyr"

Oli Barton & The Movement have today returned with their pop-laden new track "Martyr", which as the title may hint at, is their 2020 single "Get Out". The outfit has had some love given to them previously by BBC Introducing and is most certainly going to win more than just them this time around.

As you might be able to figure out, the band is helmed by Oli Barton who's the vocalist and main songwriter, with his vocals reminding me of  James Dean Bradfield of Manic Street Preachers, but with a bit more reverb added.

It's unapologeticly anthemic, with plenty of layers to sink your teeth into.

The new offering "Martyr" is a pop-laden track that, at first, sounds like a slow burner. But with glistening synth tones underlining the track it explodes in the chorus and those Manic Street Preachers comparisons just intensify. The chorus lifts up the track and helps solidify how much you're going to smash that play button on Spotify, as we found out that we played the track on loop at least three times during the first play.

Speaking about the new single Oli says "This last year has really proved something to us. You have to look beyond the negativity, beyond the politics, beyond the media and you will find that people are ultimately always there for each other. We've seen these amazing people laying their lives on the line for others and being completely selfless. Lyrically, I wanted to pay tribute to these unsung heroes because they prove that we are always stronger together. The production on this track too is my favourite yet, utilising multiple synth layers and huge drums to bring that pure 80s vibe. . ."

With some 80's influences also in there, with the sparking elements towards the end, there really is something for everyone. It's unapologetically anthemic, with plenty of layers to sink your teeth into. It sounds like London has a new rising act to keep an eye on, and with those live concerts coming soon be sure to check out Oli Barton & The Movement when they return to the live scene.