Orla Gartland shares new single "Zombie" - lifted from her debut album

Dublin based singer-songwriter-producer Orla Gartland has shared her new single "Zombie!", which is lifted off of her debut album. 

Speaking about the new single Orla mentions - " ... "Zombie!" is about repressing emotions until one day they burst out f you all at once. Specifically, it's about a very common, very male kind of repression I witnessed in a boy I loved once - I could see that he felt things but there was a barrier stopping him from expressing them. I hated that for him, it made me so angry at the societal pressures that led him to that place. For me living "like a zombie" became a metaphor for this way of living; someone so seemingly unemotional on the surface they barely seem alive. I scream my head off in the outro of the song and that scream is meant to feel like a huge release, like the moment you let it all out."