Orla Gartland shares video for "Zombie!"

Dublin singer-songwriter-producer Orla Gartland has shared the video for her latest single "Zombie!", which she released last week.

Speaking about the video Orla mentions - "I directed this video with my best friend Greta Isaac. It's the weirdest video idea we've ever had, I kind of can't believe we made it. The song is about the frustration of being with someone who can't express their emotions, someone who suppresses everything they feel until one day it all comes to the surface; absolute chaos. In this video I'm a self-appointed Zombie Rescue Ranger, roaming through a quaint English town collecting the (rare) tears of zombie boys - and in a quest to save rounding the zombies up to set them free. Yeah, weird. The song topic is heavy but like the track I wanted the video to feel energetic and light - that kind of juxtaposition is really interesting to me! Making this video was so much fun."