Vex Message unveil debut single "Data Regime"

Vex Message have today unveiled their arty debut single "Data Regime", the project was started back in 2019 however this is the first time we've heard music from the Lancaster-based outfit, and it's worth the wait. 
Urgent, punchy, and filled with synthy elements, Lancaster has a new band to shout about!
Sadly we haven't got too much information on the band - keeping it for themselves as they just about kick off the tasty new project - just that they're based out of the hometown of the classic 'Get Loud In Libraries' scheme (which saw acts perform acoustic sets in Lancaster Library) and the home to multiple touring venues.

The track is very synthy with pulses of keys heard throughout the four minutes long tune. We're also treated to a very retro opening, with it actually reminding me of the musical stylings of Public Service Broadcasting, even with the chonky basslines too.

The urgent vocals help to give the track a real oomph, suggesting that their next few tunes could be just as punchy too. Urgent, punchy, and filled with synthy elements, Leicester has a new band to shout about!

The single release is backed up by a couple of remixes from roundh0use and Gorilla Biscuits, who are both relatively unknown on the Spotify scene, making sure that this release is one heck of an unknown tune from an act who sound like they can take over the synth-pop scene in their city in a matter of months.