Villagers announces new album "Fever Dreams", and single "The First Day"

Conor O'Brien, AKA Villagers has today announced his fifth studio album "Fever Dreams", and with it the glorious single "The First Day".

It's pretty big news whenever a Domino Records artist announces a new album and this is no exception. Speaking about the new track Conor mentions - "I had an urge to write something that was as generous to the listener as it was to myself. Sometimes the most delirious states can produce the most ecstatic, euphoric and escapist dreams."

1.     Something Bigger
2.     The First Day
3.     Song In Seven
4.     So Simpatico
5.     Momentarily
6.     Circles In The Firing Line
7.     Restless Endeavour
8.     Full Faith In Providence
9.     Fever Dreams
10.  Deep In My Heart

The new album is out on August 20th via Domino.