Campfire Social reveals video for "Everything Changed"

Wrexham is currently in the spotlight thanks down to the purchase of their football club by two blokes from Hollywood, however, Wrexham has much more to it as you'll soon find out. In comes, Campfire Social with their captivating new single "Everything Changed".

Musically this reminds me of General Fiasco, which may be a bit niche to some of you, but they have a lot of similarities in their approach to music. The single is lifted from their second EP, also titled "Everything Changed", and sounds like the band's finest work to date. 

We've got plenty of vocal harmonies going on, especially in the first half of the track, soaring guitars enter the fold midway and generate lots of atmospheres. With the subtle addition of a glockenspiel, we have a summer-ready track that'll warm your insides and give you a smile. You can take a look at their music video below, and be sure to check out their track on Spotify too!