Cloudy Summer Days reveals sun-kissed single "Love Is In The Air"

What do you get when you cross Dire Straights warm guitars and New Order basslines, well it sounds exactly like what Cloudy Summer Days' new single sounds like.

"Love Is In The Air" has some truly warm and glowing tones from the start, with the singular guitar getting you nicely warmed up before the drum machine and airy synths come in. It's a symphony of warm tones that helps bring this song to your attention, and yes, it really is a track you can easily imagine a music video on a beach in California.

"Love In The Air" is just over four minutes of sun-kissed dream-pop.

What's even better about Cloudy Summer Days is that it's just one person behind it all, writing, producing, and recording all of the music. And yes, these kinds of artists are still highly regarded by our lot here at the site, it's just over four minutes of sun-kissed dream-pop.

The new release is actually the artist's first since 2019, which by the sounds of it was well worth the wait. There is something for everyone here, from the New Order sounding basslines, to the warm surf-pop fuzz on the guitars to even the haunting backing vocals in the latter third, this singer/producer really lives up to the name of an artist.