Dafi Daf reveals bouncy synth-pop cut "In Der Nacht"

Berlin's emerging synth-pop scene is one that's taking over the country, and what we've got here today is a classic-sounding synth-pop cut ready for the darkness of night.

Dafi Daf's new single, "In Der Nacht" (in the night if you didn't guess) featuires Twowingz and is just under three minutes of retro glory, crunchy synth lines kick off the track with some simplistic - yet affective - drum beats, it's got a rather dreamy synth element in the chorus that elevates the track into your playlists. But let's be honest, if you don't nod your head, or stamp your foot then you need to re-think your music taste, and how good it is. 

We loved this bouncy synth-pop cut from the get-go, and we feel like that when this track is performed live the crowds will be going mad. I know I would be! SO head on down below to check out one of Berlin's rising synth-pop acts.