Dawning unveil anthemic new single, "Ennui"

Grand Rapids local, Dawning, has recently unveiled his anthemic new single "Ennui", which is the first piece of new music since the release of his EP "Petals".

Following on from said EP, this new cut is an evolution of the sound that his fans are familiar with, more grand noises are heard in "Ennui", with a sprinkling of glistening synths throughout. We've also got a real drive behind the song in the form of his vocals, they just shout anthem whenever he sings and backed up with the thick backdrop of synths it's a wonder to behold

Speaking about the song Dawning mentions - " ... "Ennui" was written after I started seeing a therapist. After struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts for 10+ years, this was the first time in my life I had the resources to see one. This song is a declaration of the first glimpses I caught of the possibility of a meaningful and lasting happiness. Seeing a therapist has not magically cured my depression, but it has made me realize there are ways of dealing with and diminishing it, which has given me hope."

The song really is a beacon of light for the singer-songwriter, and after seeing what he's been through this song shouts optimism. It's an upbeat track that can hopefully put anyone in a good mood.

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