Emily Parish releases stripped back version of "Complacent"

London's Emily Parish has within the past month released the stripped back version of "Complacent", which was a tune the singer-songwriter released on her debut album "How I Feel Now". With the original being rather stripped back, this new cut is more bare-bones, pure vocals, and simplistic - but yet powerful - instrumentation.

Speaking about the song, Emily mentions " ... "Complacent'" is a song about feeling a little lost in the pressure to always be moving forward and feeling like today is your 'best day'. ... "

The song is titled as a 'remix', but this is far from an electronic laced tune you'd expect to hear in the clubs, however, it's just as powerful as the original, maybe even more. The track focuses highly on Emily's astonishing and angelic vocals, going leaps and bounds to hook you in from the outset. The dominant piano keys ensure that there's some brooding instrumentation to get the single's mood just so.

This new release really does highlight Emily's talent, so while you can be sure to check out a rising star on London's music scene.