Erin Foster returns with synthy new single, "Birthday"

Coming from The Gold Coast in Australia, Erin Foster today returns with her synthy new single, "Birthday".

There's a lot of sounds going on, and right as the track starts you're welcomed to her world with some haunting vocals, before fading away quickly to reveal her majestic vocals caressing a smooth synthesizer. There's one vocalist that I think she sounds like, and Kacey Musgraves is that artist, the way she pronounces the words in the song, to how soothing Erin is when she lays down her vocals.

It's just over three minutes of synth-pop goodness.

As the track progresses you also find out that the breakdowns are pretty slick too, focusing on her vocals once again - just before the soaring synths come back in to send "Birthday" into the upper atmosphere. 

It really is just over three minutes of synth-pop goodness laced with vocals that'll have you pining for more. The best news is that Foster has plenty more singles lined up for release, with this new piece being the first of the latest batch written over the past nine months.

With love already coming in from none other than Triple J (basically the best music station in Australia) there looks to be a bright future for Erin Foster. So do check her out before her tunes ultimately find their way to Europe and the Americas.