Four Nights return with soaring single "Not This Time"

Dublin's Four Nights have returned with soaring single "Not This Time", which is the third single to be released from his forthcoming debut EP - due out later on this year.

Much like his previous work we have very airy vocals draped on some soothing synth-lines, the drumbeats remind me of early 1990s Pop music in the UK, specifically Wet Wet Wet. However, what Four Nights has done here is make a tune that encompasses a strong late 80's vibe mixed with some modern pop sensibilities.

There's a lot of acts delivering songs that hark back to the '80s, but what Four Nights has done is transcend them all and make something that sounds like the real deal. With playlisting in a handful of Spotify Editorials it really sounds like that we've got an emerging artist right here, so go and check out "Not This Time" before it gets viral.